International Physics and Control Society (IPACS)



1.1 Name. The name of this corporation shall be the International Physics And Control Society, with the acronym "IPACS" herein referred to as the IPACS or the Society.

1.2 Location. The location of the Society's principal office, termed Secretariat, shall be determined by the Society Board. Individuals and institutions may be members of the Society without regard to their locations.


2.1 Purpose. The main purpose of the IPACS is to promote information exchange and interaction between researchers in the research areas related to Physics and Control sciences. The Society does not pursue any political goal.

2.2 Objectives. The following objectives are specific to the main purpose:
• - A. To organize or co-organize conferences, seminars, workshops and other scientific meetings in the research areas related to Physics and Control.
• - B. To disseminate information among members of the Society by means of distribution of news and providing access to the Society electronic library.
• - C. To maintain information website containing Society electronic library and links to Physics and Control related web-resources.
• - D. To award researchers and educators who made outstanding contributions in the research areas of the Society.


3.1. Categories of Membership. The IPACS shall be composed of members in the following categories:
• A. Regular Member -- an accepted individual who wishes to contribute to the IPACS
• B. Honorary Member -- an individual who is selected for special recognition by the Society Board
• C. Institutional Member -- an accepted organization which promotes the objectives of the IPACS.

3.2. Application for Membership. To apply for regular membership an individual should submit an original paper to the IPACS electronic library or to a main Society conference. The membership will be accepted and the certificate will be sent as soon as two positive reviews from the Society members or external experts are received. To continue an active membership a regular member needs to submit at least one paper in every two years to the Society electronic library or to a main Society conference. Honorary membership is held lifetime. All authors of the papers accepted to the IPACS sponsored conferences are eligible to become members of the Society. To activate their membership they should register and confirm their membership at the Society website.

3.3. Privileges of Individual Members. Individual members shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the Society and the Board, and to have access to the Society electronic library. All members shall be entitled to submit nominations to the Board and vote in person or electronically to elect Board members. All members are entitled to receive publications and communications provided by the Society.

3.4. Privileges of Institutional Members. Institutional members shall be entitled to send voting representatives with the same right as stated in 3.3, to receive designated publications, and to receive appropriate recognitions.

3.5. Duties of Individual Members. All regular members should participate in review of papers for the IPACS electronic library. All members should promote research and dissemination of knowledge in the research areas of Physics and Control by means of participating in conferences and other activities of the Society. All members should respect scientific ethics and copyright laws.

3.6. Membership Fees. For the time being, no Membership Fees are acquired. This may be changed by future decisions of the Society General meetings.


4.1. Decision Making. The Society will be governed by the Board, a decision making body of the Society. Major Board decisions are to be approved by the Society General meetings to be held at least once in every two years. The Board includes the President and 3 Coordinators of the Society who manage current Society activities.

4.2. Meetings and Elections. The Board, the President and the Coordinators should be elected at the Society General meetings once in every two years. Normally the Society meeting takes place in connection with the main Society conference "Physics and Control".


5.1. Amendments to the Regulations or to the structure of the Society may be made by the Board, which should be approved by the next Society general meeting.

Approved at the foundation meeting on 26.07.2005 and updated at the General meeting on 5.09.2007.

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